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Flury Systems – History

Important milestones of our company’s history

Anton Flury established the company as a one-man business in Arch (canton Berne).

The constant growth enables the transformation of the company into a join-stock company.

Both core areas are separated into independent companies. Flury Werkzeuge AG takes on the area of precision tools for woodworking and Flury Tools AG the area of profile grinding.

Flury Werkzeuge AG was renamed and functions as Flury Systems AG.

In June 2004 Flury Systems Germany Ltd. was established as the marketing base, thus assuring the optimal market presence.

In january the company Flury Systems Deutschland GmbH relocated its headquarters from Memmingen to Wermelskirchen.

Our team works for your efficiency!

The more effective and long-lasting your tools are, the more efficient is your production. That’s why our top aim in developing new technology is to make your work with our newest products efficient and fast.

Thereby we combine the longterm experience of the “troupers” with the new ideas of young partners in our team. We think innovative and search for solutions outside conventional structures. Our work is based on the smart combination of state-of-the-art technology and highly qualified team.

We’ve got it!

The key to finding the optimal solution is to listen and understand what the customer really needs. It is the main objective of our company as well as of our trade and marketing partners.

We understand your demands and know what’s important for you. The motto for our everyday work is - keep an eye on the market and a keen ear for the customer.

Furthermore, we will continue to maintain the co-operation based on partnership and a close contact to our customers and marketing partners in order to ensure the sustainable and sound success of our company.

Quality and technology

Absolutely precise. Absolutely safe. Absolutely Flury.

Flury Systems is a manufacturer of quality woodworking tools, which meet the highest demands of industry and make your work accurate and precise thanks to the ultramodern technology we use in the manufacturing process. It goes without saying that all our products fully comply with the safety regulations of the European standard (EN 847-1), which therefore ensures their compatibility on the international market.

To cut a long story short - if you want your tools to be durable and precise, choose Flury Systems.

Reliable, precise and innovative.

From a one-man business to an international provider.

Any problem is defined by a certain initial situation and a certain aim. The optimal way to achieve this aim has to be found. In this context we understand our role as the “scouts”, which are constantly looking and finding sophisticated solutions for customer’s problems. The cornerstones of self-conception for our company have become technical innovation and innovative thinking. In order to come up with new ideas for instruments and accordingly with inventive problem solutions, you have to forge new paths.